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Fine Art and Collectibles represent a unique avenue for investors who seek to diversify their portfolio into tangible assets that have delivered consistently attractive long-term returns while traditional assets have failed to do so.

By investing in and/or collecting art works and collectibles with Baudot Private Office, you will benefit from the following:

  1. Diversification offering both economic and emotional values;

  2. Investment grade tangible asset with high residual value;

  3. Low correlation with conventional asset classes;

  4. Protection against inflation and currency devaluation;

  5. A potentially attractive long-term yield;

  6. Reduced transaction costs saving 10-30% of asset value;

  7. Arbitrage opportunities in one of the last unregulated markets of scale which are inefficient;

  8. Tax advantages;

  9. Decreasing supply (except for contemporary art) and increasing demand.