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We are independent and can therefore offer an unbiased estimate of the value of an art work. Our approach to valuation combines our considerable expertise with the involvement of at least two teams which work independently one from another and provide an independent view to our clients which is free of any conflict of interest.

While the attributes used to value 19th Century art works may vary from one type of 19th Century art work to another, we place the utmost importance on the following common criteria:

  • Authentication of authorship (includes authenticity);
  • Condition;
  • Rarity;
  • Historical importance;
  • Provenance;
  • Past exhibitions;
  • Size;
  • Medium;
  • Subject matter;
  • Fashion;
  • Quality;
  • Exit strategy.

The consideration of the exit strategy includes the assessment of the time, place and method of sale—private treaty vs. public auction.