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Key Characteristics

Investors seeking returns in excess of 15% net per annum will have the opportunity to access Baudot Private Office’s proprietary trading for a minimum commitment of $100,000 over at least 4 years. No fees will be charged and profits will be shared equally between investors and our team.

Key Characteristics
A Unique Opportunity

Same entry price as that of the most successful art dealers
Superior returns
No Fees
50%-50% Profit Sharing

50%-50% of the net profit shared with each investor
No other fees paid by investors
No pooling of monies among investors
Target Return > 15% net p.a.

Target returns in excess of 15% net per annum (after profit sharing)
No leverage -> Lower risk than in private equity
Investment Strategy

Direct Investments in high quality, mispriced Chinese porcelain, rare stamps, old letters and historical documents
Acquisition at a significant discount with potential buyers in mind
Divestment to our private collectors, savings on transaction costs
Target markup often in excess of 100%
Target average holding period of only 2 years