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Key Characteristics

Baudot Private Office is offering to investors the opportunity to preserve their wealth and diversify their portfolio into art works and collectibles through individual portfolios, each representing an Art Managed Account. Investors will benefit from making direct investments into real assets with high residual value and low correlation with most conventional asset classes such as bonds and equities.

Key Characteristics
Investment Focus

Wealth Preservation
Steady returns between 5% and 10% net p.a.
No pooling of money among investors: separate Managed Accounts
Investment Strategy

Direct Investments in high quality, mispriced Chinese porcelain, rare stamps, old letters and historical documents
Acquisition at a discount with potential buyers in mind
Divestment to our private collectors, savings on transaction costs
Combination of short term trading and long term buy and hold

Investors will own the legal title of the acquired collectibles
No co-investment with other investors or Baudot Private Office
(unless agreed otherwise by all parties)

Investors may redeem their assets at any time (conditions apply)
Redemptions in cash, in kind, or in a combination of both